quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

Capsules wouldn't come that close

Bear in mind that dogs might come out
of the ground
Arguably green and thirsty
Might come out at night
With no one knowing
And everyone watchingexpecting
while the ashes burn once more
For the lures of the muzzle are
Squirming to crawl back to them
And the moonlight bestows
The worms from its womb
with indulgence
Forgiving those who needed once
Her help and have thus reached for
The sky
Asking her to come closer to
Adjust the tides once more
Reap some crops after all
Watery shine
Shiny water
Sinking in my tongue
Gushing from my lips
Shine on, you gravy diamond
Spit by the prayers unveiled
Gargoyles who watch from the distance
of a stone in the moon
a mount which, by herself out there,
Has seen no climbing
And no trees and no roads
A mount out of gas out of air cigarrettes and money
Forsaken in the sidewalks for an infinite amount of time
Pushed around half drunk half loaded
half kangaroo
A mount thrice larger than everest and
twice larger than the moon itself
Some random disaster in the sun
Burnt a shade in some random fields
Of some random liver and kidney

The craters I have for eyes
That have skin as a crater of matter
Have deceived me

In the purple uncultivated side of these hills
they will
promenade, You know
Even though they shouldn't